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Tesserak Restoration was started in 2011 when I, a restorer at Venerable Classics, found myself about to be unemployed. With the owner deciding to retire, I was about to lose the best job I ever had. I decided to open my own studio with the goal of continuing the high quality restoration for which Venerable Classics was renowned.


Martin Scherer

Owner of Tesserak Studios. Lead restorer, trained five years at Venerable Classics, Santa Rosa, Ca. "I welcome the challenge of a difficult to assemble project, and those with missing pieces. Part of restoration work is artistic but a lot of it is problem solving. Restoration is the most satifying work I've ever done. I meet interesting people and I never know what kind of work we'll be doing next."

Life-long artist and sculptor, his work has been exhibited at the California Museum of Art. Published illustrator, graphic designer and photographer. Model and Character maker.