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Debbie Mc. (Folsom, Ca.) The tobacco jar arrived and it is perfect! You are such an artist…Dan is very happy to finally have a Velvet jar-he’s been looking for one for years and was bummed when it arrived broken! We are very grateful to you once again-thank you so much!

Jane S. (Charleston, S.C.) I received the parrot in perfect condition!  It’s beautifully repaired. Your work is truly remarkable and I’m so pleased to have found out about you and your great talents. Thank you.  

I’ve written a blog post about the bird and telling about the work you did. Here’s the link:


Clare L. (Sausalito, Ca.) Just wanted to say thank you, again, for the wonderful job you did for me on my LLadro pieces. It was intricate work, and you did it beautifully…I cannot see the repairs at all. The pieces look like they had never been damaged. All is much appreciated!

Ron A. (Napa, Ca.) I received this afternoon the sugar bowl I had sent you for repairs.  I can't tell you how happy I was to see the wonderful craftsmanship in the repair.  You are a master.  I can't tell where the chip was nor see any difference under strong light.  I am very pleased.

Deborah W. (N.H.) Martin, I want to say how amazing your work is.  I cannot find where the chip was on the Roseville Lid that you repaired.

Carol D. (Ca.) I want to thank you again for your excellent work in restoring my porcelain (pine cone) bowl. Although I only chose the conservation level of restoration, I am amazed and delighted with the result. I cannot even imagine how a higher level of restoration would improve on what you have already done!  My bowl was in bits and pieces when I brought it to you, and I feared that I had forever lost a dearly-loved treasure. Through your careful artistry, you have been able not only to piece the bowl together, but to restore it to its original beauty leaving no evidence of its ever having been broken.  Moreover, you far exceeded a merely conservation level with your precise structural, decorative, and detailed work.  To say that I am amazed and impressed would be understating my feelings! I will not hesitate to call on your

help with other restoration projects when needed! I thank you again for your superb work and congratulate you on your artistry!

Marsha M. (Nanaimo, B.C., Canada) You did an incredible job of repairing all the breaks. The ear especially looks like nothing ever happened. You have magically erased all the breaks which makes you nothing short of a miracle worker. A true magician. I can't thank you enough.

Karen A. (Wilmot, NH.) Thanks for another great job. Can’t hardly tell where the repair was.

Ron A. (Napa, Ca.) I received this afternoon the sugar bowl I had sent you for repairs.  I can't tell you how happy I was to see the wonderful craftsmanship in the repair.  You are a master.  I can't tell where the chip was nor see any difference under strong light.  I am very pleased.

Patty F. (Ca.) She is perfect! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Karen L. (Ca.) Absolutely amazing!! The Imari plate arrived in Florida in great shape thanks to your packing and I want to again thank you. Your artistic prowess is truly a gift and I am so grateful for the time and attention you put into this project.

Thank you!  Thank you!

Marc M. You did such a beautiful job in restoring the little pepper shaker and plate I sent you, I wanted to send you a thank you.  For someone with such talent and experience, this job might not have been inspiring, but it meant a lot to me.

Lois C. (Glastonbury, Ct.) I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful repair to the chocolate cup. Meghan sent me a photo today and it is perfection.

David B. (Concord, CA) I can’t begin to express how absolutely delighted I am over the job you did restoring a treasured, irreplaceable piece of ceramic sculpture.  I was devastated when I thought I had lost it due to an accident, and I assumed that it was beyond repair.  Not only did you restore the piece convincingly, no one, probably not even the artist who created it, would likely notice it had ever been damaged.  I could not be more pleased.

Robyn M. (Santa Clara, Ca.) I wanted to let you know that the plates arrived today.  They look amazing.  Your work is so detailed, the color matching is perfect...I'm in awe.  I know these are just silly plates but they mean the world to me. 

Kari O. (Ca.) Martin, You are amazing! All of them look perfect. Thank you.

Mitchell H. (Fairfield, Ca.) Thank you Martin. Please find photos of my Wedgwood & Bentley / Wedgwood Egyptian Canopic Collection c. 1769 - 1880. Sphinx pairs c. 1785 - 1795. The Canopic vase was received in good order. I am over the moon with the results. You certainly met all my expectations and beyond. I am particularly amazed by the smooth interior.

Mike R. (New York) The globe arrived safely Saturday evening, and I unpacked it later that night.  So very pleased with your skill and thoughtful reassembly of the pieces and filling of the gaps!!  Knew it would not be as before, but I cannot pick up on the joinder of the pieces.  Casual observer would not detect the gaps, and it takes me some searching to find them knowing they are there.  Your skill in working with alabaster is superb!  I lit up the globe, and was amazed at how varied the material - even in the top piece of the globe - is in color and density.  One of the filled areas seems to continue in a lighter finger of the original material downward.  I put a softer light in the globe this time.  When unlit, the surface is incredible smooth.  In any event, so nicely done on your part!!! Thank you ever so much!!!

Robert D. (Cloverdale, Ca.) Just a note to let you know how pleased I was with your workmanship. I was concerned that my mothers dish would never look the same after I had dropped it during moving, but I was wrong. You couldn't even tell where it was chipped after it was repaired. Thanks again. I would recommend your services to others.

Portia M. (Santa Rosa, Ca.) After watching a video of this repair: Wow!! That was so fun to get to watch the whole process. I can't thank you enough Martin, for the quality and affordability of the work you do. 

I don't think I told you the story behind this duck- it actually isn't mine, but my partner's. He used to keep it in his pocket when he was little and take it everywhere. His family emigrated to the US when he was 7 and this duck is the only keepsake he still has from his childhood. He broke it during a fight we had when we were younger (and dumber) 6 years ago and I kept meaning to see if it could be repaired, but never got around to it. 

Anyhow, this was all a surprise for him and he was overjoyed to see his duck restored to its former glory. Items like this, full of memories and sentimentality, are priceless and that makes your craftsmanship truly indispensable. Thank you so much!          

George D. (San Anselmo, Ca.) A family heirloom, a plate that was in the family for a long time was knocked over and broken. I was in distressed, heart broken, thinking that this beautiful plate that has been in my family for generations was destroyed. Broken into so many pieces I thought there was no chance for repair. Then I came across  Martin of Tesserak Studios, who told me that he could repair and it will be as good as new. And good to his word, when the job was completed and went to pick the plate up, it was perfect. You would never have  known  it was ever broken. An Amazing job. A true artist with great skills. I highly recommend Tesserrak Studios to repair any of your valuables or family heirlooms. You will be happy with the results.

Sally A. (San Francisco, Ca.) I have been meaning to write to you for months to thank you for your incredible repair job on my Imari lamp. As you know, the lamp came to you with one side having been damaged quite significantly.  There was a large triangular opening along the bottom of the lamp. I brought each and ever piece that I had and left the lamp with you.  I had read that you were the “go to” person that Gumps recommended but the results of your work on my lamp was even greater than I could have imagined. Simply put:  you can no longer tell where the lamp was broken.  It is a beautiful job. Thanks.

Stanley C. (Petaluma, Ca.) You are a gifted artist! It does not look like it was ever broken!!! Your Video is fantastic and shows the level of expertise you have. I am speechless! You are definitely one of approved partners going forward. Please accept my sincere thank you!

Gabrielle C. (Santa Rosa, Ca.) My mom and I brought 5 crystal and ceramic items for Martin to repair. When we arrived Martin greeted us. He graciously and very clearly explained the steps that he would take to bring our valuables back to the way they were originally. One of the items I had was a Tiffany ice bucket. Martin explained that after the repair was completed, we would only see a slightly cloudy spot on the area that was repaired. He also told us that to the naked eye most people would never see it. He was absolutely correct. I have never met anyone who could repair valuables like Martin does. His many years of experience can be seen in his work. He truly is an expert and the time he took to explain his process and show us examples of what our finished items would look like was exemplary. I wish I had not tossed out the chipped Waterford wine glasses I did in the past because Martin could have easily repaired them at a much lower cost than it cost me to replace them. Thank you Martin, you truly are a magician and master in your field!

Liz N. (Sebastopol, Ca.) Martin's work is simply spectacular.  Both the pot lid and the baby bootie are perfect.  There is no evidence of any restoration on either object.  His prices are reasonable for the amazing work he does. Thanks again for the beautiful work.

Mr. O (N.Ca.) Thank you Martin for sharing this video with me. I find the process and the detail work fascinating. You have the talent and patience, and I along with other customers are fortunate to have your services available. Just wanted to express my thanks for the outstanding work you’ve done, resorting my ceramic blue vase. You are an artist ,and it’s reflected in your restoration work!! Thank you again, I’m a delighted customer.

Jennifer G. (N.Ca.)
I just watched the video on your blog of the restoration of our female figurine. It was amazing to watch and so impressive. Your skills are unique and outstanding. Thank you for all of your expertise and hard work.

Bob H. (Dayton, Ohio)
I received it yesterday in perfect condition from FedX. The repair is amazing. Your ability to match the original color and finish makes the repair undetectable as far as I am concerned. I couldn't be happier with the work. Thank you, Martin. If you need a recommendation for anyone from me, don't hesitate to ask.

Diana S. (Santa Rosa, Ca.)
I got the elephant back and he [Baji] looks great. I wanted to pass Martin’s contact information on if you have need of an excellent restoration studio. Not only did he repair the foot so that you would never know it was damaged but he made a tail and painted it to look like the rest of the stone tile work as his tail was missing when I bought him as is. Martin was very reasonable and great to work with.

Molly B. (Santa Rosa, Ca.)
Martin is magic.  I work for California Programs for the Autistic, Inc.  We are a non-profit residential home working with adults with autism and intellectual disabilities.  A long ago staff member made a ceramic/clay bust of one of our guys.  It fell over and completely broke apart.  This piece has been a very important part of our home for many, many years.  One of our other guys would always sit with his arm around the bust.  It brought all of us joy and it was a devastation when it broke.  After getting quotes from other people (all more time and money), Martin told he could not only restore it and strengthen it but build a base for it so it would not topple over again.  I picked it up earlier today (after only 4 weeks!) and was AMAZED by the end result.  It looks perfect.  Staff and our guys will be so happy to see it when they come in any moment now.  I can't wait for the joy on their faces when they see that it has come home complete.  Thank you, Martin.  You are incredible and we will be sure to send people your way for all future restorations.

Janet S. (Santa Rosa, Ca.)
We needed to fix a mug handle that had broken off.  The mug belonged to someone we knew and this mug was very special to her.  We brought 2 mugs to Martin --- one with the broken handle and another mug (not identical) with a handle --- with the hope that Martin could "harvest" the handle from the one mug and use it on the broken handle mug.  Needless to say, he was able to do it and to do it perfectly!  When we brought the now repaired mug back to its owner, she said that she could not even tell that it had ever been broken.  Thank you Martin for a great job!

Elliot and Elinor M . (Menlo Park, Ca.)
First, my wife and I want to thank you for the excellent work that you did for us. You are a miracle worker. We are so pleased with your work, words can not tell you how great the results are for your efforts. Thank you, thank you!

Many years ago we had brought a broken Hutchenrutter bird to the shop in Santa Rosa and were amazed and pleased with the results. This time we brought you a broken antique french vase that had been made into a lamp (one of a pair.) The lamp is French glass and gold wire where the break was and now it is seamless and it works. Your workmanship is outstanding and now it is difficult to see which one was broken. THANKS!

In addition, we also brought you a Meissen dinner bell which had been broken in two places and was missing its clapper. Your repair work on this Meissen piece is superb and the bell now has a clapper which looks fantastic and its sound is strikingly clear.

Martin you are our restoration person in the San Francisco area as you work is just amazing. Thanks again for everything and for doing you restoration in a timely basis.

Freddi W. (San Francisco, Ca.) (Lladro repair)

Today I finally got to the post office to pick up my Madonna and Child and she looks absolutely perfect !! Thank you so much for all your efforts to make her look so good and as if nothing had ever happened. I will keep your contact details just in case I ever need your services again and I will also recommend you to other people I know who have any porcelain issues.

Phillip T. (Boonville, Ca.)
I want to warmly thank you for the repairs. Your master blending of the 50 year old Persian glaze is fantastic. My daughter was so pleased to have the gift from her grandmother restored. I was so pleased with the repair to the 150 year old plate which is part of a pictorial set of porcelain from Canton dated to 1861.Thank you for your excellent and "invisible" work; it is worth every penny of your fees.

Mary Ann S. (Santa Rosa, Ca.)
How do I ever thank you for your exquisite, extraordinary, and fine craftsmanship.  You took a shattered porcelain bowl and my broken heart and somehow you restored them both to health.  I never in a million years thought this piece could be restored to perfection.   But you did it!  In fact the piece looks better than it did before it was dropped.  Your artistic hands and your attention to detail have made you a master.  Thank you so very much!

Tesserak Studios in the News (1/5/2014)
Newspaper article appearing in the Santa Rosa "Press Democrat", in the "Towns" section: "The Man with Magic Hands" pt.1
"The Man with Magic Hands" pt.2

Arlene F. (Novato, Ca.)
I really appreciate all the care, time, inventiveness, artistry and very reasonable price you provided to make these restorations possible for me.  You are a kind and understanding person, and I am happy I know you!

Jim T. (Geyserville, Ca.) Yelp:5 stars 6/11/13
My wife has a porcelain "Don Quixote" piece she inherited from her father and it is priceless to her so when it was broken, she was devastated!  After searching around, I found Tesserak and after they did their magic, it looks absolutely brand new!
The quality of work is astounding and I wholeheartedly recommend TESSERAK to anyone for restoration of any fine art piece!
Thanks again for the great work guys!

Rich S. (San Francisco, Ca.) Yelp: 5 stars 2/1/13
Thumbs up. This guy Martin is the best! A true master.
I visited his studio workshop and watched him in action. Very impressive.

Deborah N. (San Francisco, Ca.) Yelp: 5 stars 7/30/12
I was very happy with their work. I found Martin and Tessarak to be down to earth, but clearly very talented artists. They were able to repair my porcelain piece with such attention to detail that I can't tell there was a repair at all. I was referred to them by a gallery in San Francisco, and I know they work a lot for fine art shops like that, but they also worked very well with me.

Kari S. (Sebastopol, Ca.) Yelp: 5 stars 11/29/12
Tesserak did a great job fixing my antique German porcelain doll

Anonymous (Sebastopol, Ca.) 12/3/12
Amazing restoration!,I am the bone-head who thought it would be a good idea to transport the doll in the case, I figured she'd be safer that way, I should have checked the door lock. You saved my marriage and what a beautiful job on the repair. I only wish I could have sneaked it to you before my wife found out.....she would have never known. That's how perfect the repair turned out. You are an amazing artist. I can't thank you enough! Sincere thanks, Jeff

Angela G. (San Francisco.) 1/30/13
Marty and Brian once again come through with excellent work! I've worked with them and know their capabilities.

Richard R. (San Francisco, Ca.) 3/23/12
I visited Tesserak in January and witnessed the mastery of Martin Scherer first hand as he pieced together my shattered vase. He has an uncanny knack, or even an intuitive genius for what he does. The other restoration shops I went to told me that it was beyond repair, but Martin seemed to fix it with effortless ease. The amazing thing is that you can't even tell that it was ever broken. Anyway, the whole episode is a long story, but I just wanted to express my appreciation for a job well done!

Mary C. (Santa Rosa, Ca.) 10/19/12
Tesserak Studio does brilliant work. They have done numerous repairs for me and each one has been impeccable.

Karen F. (Bonsall, Ca.) 9/21/12
The Hummel arrived yesterday, Safe and Sound! It looks great, as if never broken. Thank you so much for doing the repair. Sorry for all the extra work, but I appreciate it. Thanks again.